Game Hunter Stainless Slingshot

After many months of design, tests and optimisations, the product is finally available. a beautiful, strong and versatile design that is equally suitable for looped flatbands and for looped tubular setups.
The frame is large enough for big hands, held in the typical “hammer grip” style. But it also suits smaller hands and supports the traditional “Chinese grip”, with the thumb and index finger holding the fork arms, and the pinkie finger “locked” into the lower part of the handle. This new slingshot is perfect for beginners,skillful shooters and enthusiasts. Material: Top qulaity Stainless steel. Dimensions - Overall height: 14.8 CM - Overall width: 12 CM - Inner width between forks: 5.4 CM - The width of the rectangular hole: 3.2 CM. The items come to customers include one well wrapped Game Hunter' Dankung slingshot and one 17cm 1745-tubing set. It's ready for shooting. Order some of our Thera Band material to make your own flat bands. Ships FREE via USPS Priority Mail.

Game Hunter Stainless Slingshot
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  • Item #: GAME-HUNTER
  • Manufacturer: Dankung
  • Condition: New
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