Western Sniper Hunting Slingshot

Western Sniper Hunting Slingshot with Rosewood Handle. High Quality Aluminum Alloy. Designed by a Shooter in The United Kingdom.  Ergonomic curved wrist band provides stability when shooting. The Collimator helps with accurate shooting. Multiple rubber tubes increase power. Can customize to shooter by changing tubes and length. Folding wrist brace for easy carrying in pocket. Overall height 16cm, width 10cm. OK, it is not made in Texas, but made by Dankung China, the worlds premier slingshot manufacturer.

This is not a toy, but a slingshot for competition or small game hunting. Comes a set of high quality rubber tube set attached to bullskin pouch. Easy to change rubber tube sets. Rubber tubes sets are high quality and last for hundreds of shots. Use any tubes listed.

The Steel Dankung is much more than a slingshot. Many shooters put one in their pocket, and another in their car because it is an unmatched pocket tool.  1. Work of art for collection. 2 Works as the occasion pliers of wrench. 3. Instantly take it out of your pocket and break the barriers for survival. For example, break the barriers for survival. For example, take it out to break the glass out of your home or car in an emergency. 4. Self defense for unexpected attacks while outdoor hiking, fishing, etc.  

Dankung is one of the worlds premier slingshot manufacturers in China. We pay for the freight from China and Ship to you FREE via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Delivery is 2-3 business days in USA from order date.

Western Sniper Hunting Slingshot
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  • Item #: D-M013
  • Manufacturer: Dankung
  • Condition: New
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